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Minor Hockey League Needs Lesson In Common Sense After Game Decided By Coin Toss

It’ll come as absolutely no solace to a gaggle of teenaged kids who had their season all of a sudden ended by an arcane rule and a scarcity of excellent judgment by a bunch of adults, but there’s some good to be extracted from the fiasco that happened at the Calgary Bantam AA City Championship over the weekend.

Conditions like this one can give all folks an opportunity to reflect and alter . And during this case, it provides everyone a chance to ponder the profound fallout of a system where well-meaning enlist can sometimes be so blinded by a forest of rules, that they’re unable to ascertain the trees. It also provides us with a major example of how minor hockey can sometimes so utterly fail the youngsters who play it on numerous levels.

Minor hockey is meant to be the maximum amount about life lessons because it is goals and assists and therefore the kids who played the quarterfinal game betwixt the Calgary Buffalo Wranglers (CBW) and the Calgary Royals Saturday (CRS) night were failed badly within the lessons the sport was alleged to give them in compromise, reasonableness, and just plain sense.

First the backstory. And there’s a good bit to take out here. On Saturday night at the Markin MacPhail Centre in Calgary, the Buffalo Wranglers and Royals faced off within the quarterfinal of the Bantam AA City Championship. With the sport tied at 4-4, organizers eschewed the 10-minute over time due to a scarcity of ice time and went consecutive to the shootout. After three shooters for every team, nothing was decided. So because they had to urge things moving along, organizers elected to possess the sport decided by a coin flip.

Yes, you read that accordingly a coin flick. Buffalo Wranglers won the coin flick and moved on to a semifinal game played subsequent morning and therefore the Royals saw their season end. Now here’s where things get a touch dicey. Hockey Calgary claims this is often a procedure that has been in situ for four years, but has never been used before, which coaches knew or need to have known its existence.

It also claims that before the weekend, it discussed scheduling issues with arena management and was told that it might not be permitted to travel one minute beyond the bounds its permit time. Arena management allegation at no time was it approached about going beyond the permitted time for the sport in question which, “was cooperative in trying to accommodate overtime games throughout the weekend and willing to supply overtime if necessary, including this particular game.”