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  1. Michael Hebron PGA Hall of Fame says:

    Not to sound like an anti Christ but the value 10,000 hrs of deliberate practice has been changledged by many other researchers . After less than two years of “playing ” golf , 24 year old male golfer I know has had several scores in the mid 60’s , based on playing to learn approach , not deliberate practice .

    • Dean Holden says:

      Michael, you are correct. Ericsson’s original findings have been misconstrued by some popular authors. Unfortunately, this notion gained traction to the point it seems to be a mainstream understanding. However, many are aware of the original research / context and have tried to correct it. For instance, see Understand this is a bit of an infomercial for the company that wrote it, but I agree that practice context is important. I too prefer crafting an environment that emulates game conditions! (Similar to your ‘playing to learn’ comment.)

      Please help keep educating the public on the true representation of this study! Thank you for your time!

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