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  1. Craig Shaw says:

    Coincidentally, this situation has come up in the past week. As my baseball team heads into the playoffs, the “Gold” soccer team is running assessments. As soccer is a fall/winter sport on the West Coast, these assessments are out of season. My star player had a conflict of course. One coach was attempting to browbeat her into going to the soccer assessments. Her mum, a big supporter of the multi-sport approach said no way. She was even willing to switch clubs over the issue. Thankfully a more experienced coach at the soccer club and LTAD supporter intervened so that the young ballplayer could play her game. The girl is 10 years old! I see a lot of coaches trying to monopolize athletes year round.

    What we have done to deal with this is take control. There are a number of us who coach several sports. Since we are the coaches, we can say, “Okay, Johnny can miss this hockey practice for soccer” or vica versa. It has worked really well and most of these kids continue to play 3-4 sports plus school sports in many cases at this age.

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