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  1. Richard Bercuson says:

    The term “invasion sport” comes from a form of games instruction used in physical education called Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU). It is one of a few types of games. The approach is over 30 years old and originated in the U.K. USA Hockey’s terrific ADM employs aspects of the approach to teach kids hockey through the use of small area games (such as 3 v 3). However, that isn’t the only way the sport can be taught, if a true TGfU approach were to be applied.

    Readers can learn about TGfU by simply searching online for the acronym. Then, using its principles, modify formal instruction by applying it in practice.

    Still, Mr. Eliot is quite right about the importance of playing other sports to improve overall athleticism. And by the way, floorball is simply road hockey or shinny in a gym. In Canada, we’ve been playing it for eons. Same thing, only different.

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