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  1. […] An LTAD Success Story – From Age 0-10 Years Old […]

  2. GRANDAD says:

    “Obviously SAM is the greatest grandson ever “. I am one of the luckiest guy ever. Now seriously,Sam is one of a kind in his ability to hold ,to throw, to catch, to reason in the play, to anticipate events before they happen, etc, you can see it in his eyes. It is amazing! His coordination is ‘par non’. The ” yuke ‘ is an example. His love of life revolves around participating in physical activities {organized sports encouraged by parents but NOT FORCED because of PARENTAL EGO }
    His total involvement with an activity is not only for sports as shown in his interest in music and group activities like the ” Emperors New Clothes ” and his sitting on my knee at the ” Cathedral ” during the Christmas Choral concert was a really special time for me. As it stands right now there seems to be no problem.For you as parents there is a balancing act between the life-long physical needs, the future ambitions and the relaxing , calming influences that are necessary to develop a a balanced person.
    You have given the ability to choose and SAM WILL CHOOSE THE RIGHT DIRECTION FOR HIMSELF

    Thanks for this opportunity to share.

    Love BERT

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