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  1. Craig Shaw says:

    We have tried to mimic much of the ADM model at the hockey club that I coach at in Victoria, BC for the 2004-2006 cohorts as these were the age groups our coaching staff had influence. Some interesting things happened: (i) Enrollment was the highest for these age groups in the club; (ii) Retention is over 90% so far; (iii) Although many still play spring hockey, most continue to play at least one other sport (soccer, lacrosse, baseball and basketball being the most common); (iv) For the first time ever on the Island, we had two of our three Atom teams tiered at the 1 level. 29% of the tier one players on Vancouver Island played at our club. Our one house team should have played at the rep B level as they had almost no competition. I think that the number one reason for this is the 3:1 practice to game ratio and the number two reason is that our high intensity station practices allow us to have more ice time as more teams can get on the ice (sometimes 45 skaters) and there is little down time a lot of fun. As small club we are able to compete with the best teams in Vancouver. So far so good, I’d say.

    • Dean Holden says:

      Craig, this is a very heart-warming comment! I am happy to hear it! Pity I received this the night I returned from a soccer coaching trip to Victoria as it would have been great to chat face to face about your successes and challenges. I will drop you an email to see if we can arrange a phone call or Skype. Keep up the outstanding work!


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