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  1. […] am going to hammer this topic to death. Read this report form the USOC about elite athlete development ( thanks to Michelle Amidon of USA Hockey for passing so much of this stuff […]

  2. […] THIS article covers a report written by the USOC (United States Olympic Committee). In the report, the USOC surveyed 2,000 Olympic athletes. The results pretty interesting and gave a glimpse into how an Olympic athlete developed their skills and a bit about why they decided to pursue their sport. For instance, the majority of the respondents said they decided to pursue elite levels of performance due to “intrinsic love of activity” and love of the sport. The most interesting part was the results of the average number of sports played through certain time periods of their athletic career. Here are the results exactly: […]

  3. […] It’s the United States Olympic Committee’s “Formula for developing elite athletes”. Have a read here. […]

  4. […] USOC Report: The Formula for Developing Elite Athletes (hint) it’s not specializing younger […]

  5. Marti says:

    Early Success… so kiddos with late birth months again, disadvantage. I really wish they would address this, and make it fair for all the kids.

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