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  1. Richard Bercuson says:

    I’m going to step back into this maelstrom again.

    Learn offsides!? Full rink? Really?
    Hockey is the only activity, let alone sport, for children that doesn’t get it with respect to the size of the playing surface, object (puck), rules, etc. No parent would stand for their children sitting in regular sized classroom desks; using adult height coat hooks; doing beginner swimming lessons in the deep end of an Olympic pool; going on any Disney ride they want regardless of height; sitting in the back of a car without a car seat; using an adult bicycle; playing touch football with a pro ball on a full field; trying to pitch a regular weight baseball from 60’6″, on a mound, to a kid at bat; being offered a full size menu in a restaurant rather than a kids menu; not to mention the very same penalties and puck as the pros…etc.

    For this I blame the leaders in the game, the association presidents, the provincial bodies and perhaps even our national body for not stepping forward and mandating how kids should be shown the game.

    Watch what happens in the US with its American Development Model. They have it right and it will pay off very soon.

    Why is there not a national hue and cry demanding a child-centered, not adult-centered, approach?

    We need to give our heads a vigorous shake.

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