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  1. Nick L says:

    Hi Dan,
    Some interesting and relevant points that can be transferred culturally in some cases. However, having listened to the Chinese National Diving Coach speak, there are concerns how they get there.
    Talent Id starts very young with the children selected. The first introduction is to stand on one leg with the other 180 degrees up in a standing splits. For twenty minutes.
    If they can’t do it, they’re out. If they cry, they’re out.
    Their coach said they go through 200 children to find one that can do this. One coach asked “what happens to the other 199?” The reply – “that’s why the British have a problem, you worry about the 199, we are looking for the 1”.
    Whilst I certainly buy into the notion of mixing ages for example, replicating a lot of street game philosophy, there are certain parts of the “hotbed” that just don’t sit comfortably for me.
    Maybe that’s why we only have Tom Daley!

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