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  1. Craig Shaw says:

    Richard Monette’s comments about his novice hockey team is completely consistent with the team I help coach (as mentioned in an earlier comment). My son skates about a third to a half as much as some of the players on his team yet several people have commented to me that they think that he is technically one of the strongest skaters on the team. I attribute it to the fact that he took figure skating when he was little, but also swims, does gymnastics once a week and plays soccer. He knows his body very well and his ABCs are very sound. When I tell people that I attribute his skating to the other sports that he plays, they don’t buy it. He’s just a ‘natural’ they say.

  2. Long Time Observer says:

    A little outdated!

  3. Dean Holden says:

    While it may have been written in 2012, I think the issue still remains… or perhaps it’s worse? Highly relevant with the 2014 Winter Olympics here in less than a month…!

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