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  1. Dave says:

    “Baseball pitcher Tommy John considers it a racket, with parents being led by the nose to spend with promises of scholarships and better performance.”

    We–the boys and girls basetball coaches at a Central Pa. HS were talking about the AAU coaches and personal instructors and how parents are being ripped off without even knowing it. I like Tommy John’s concise explanation–It’s a racket!!!

    • Dan says:

      Funny, I had a conversation with a fellow coach about AAU for our 4th graders. I said “for what?” AAU is for high school kids looking to play in front of college coaches in tournaments. My kid wants to play baseball in the spring/summer. I guess I’m behind the times as I didn’t realize AAU reached all the way down to 4th graders. Why parents would invest the money at that age for tournaments is beyond me!

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