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  1. Interesting article and I agree with most of the sentiment. I’m highly suspicious of your statistics, however. How can you categorically state that ‘this generation’ will have life expectancy reduced by 5 years owing to obesity, etc? The generation you’re referring to is still in its early years. I’m even more sceptical of the claim that worldwide 80% of children have insufficient exercise. What’s your source?

    I look forward to your response.

    • Dean Holden says:

      Hi Touchline Dad,

      Thanks for your comment. Readers should always possess curious scepticism and if they are so inclined, try to do their own research to verify. I can’t verify statements I don’t personally write; that is up to the individual author. When sources are not provided, one should not accept them as the Gospel. If you can find something out yourself about these stats, please keep me posted! I too am interested…

      Stay curious and stay skeptical!



      • Touchline Dad says:

        Dean, thanks for your response. You are rather laissez-faire with the articles you publish on the site (at least in this case). You have also tweeted the worldwide child inactivity stat so I don’t think you can side-step responsibility for knowing its source. Would you pass the enquiry onto the author?
        I have been given this link to a review of the data on obesity and life expectancy. It’s several years old and not definitive, but interesting for challenging received wisdom.

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