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  1. Jamie Rice says:

    Great article for coaches of hockey and any invasion/possession type of game. Competency in skills can only develop in practice, and practice MUST simulate game conditions! Skating around with or without a puck against NO RESISTENCE is unrealistic as to what the players will encounter in a “real” game. Dan Coyle mentions in his Little Book of Talent that shrinking the space is a key to skill development.

    As a parent you should be aware that playing/practicing hockey for kids under 12 on a full sheet may be more detrimental than any gains that may occur, even accidentally. Just look at how little they are engaged in meaningful hockey activities like touching the puck. Ask yourself, how would 12 year old baseball look on a major league diamond? How would your 10 year old golfer do playing from the championship tees?

    We need to practice where they can not only gain mastery, but have enjoyment because the CAN SUCCEED.

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