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  1. Shelly Lumb says:

    This is so so true, I wish this could be sent to all parents who’s children are playing a sport

  2. Kate says:

    Great article, let the kids enjoy it, let the umpires explain the rules. Only thing I would add is that for it to be FUN, kids should get equal playing time, no matter how “good” they are.

  3. CHRISTO says:

    Just absolute crap. I had a dad who yelled support from sidelines to me and two brothers in over 150 games of junior Aussie Rules. nothing disparaging. Never minded feedback or advice from him going to or coming from a game. Precious flamin do gooders!! Blame obesity on people allowing themselves to overeat and under exercise. I looked after a little aths club for over 9 years….focus was entirely on PBs. And don’t get me started on not tallying scores in Junior sport….c’mon….enough already!!! Don’t blame the ride home, for gods sake!!

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