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  1. Ice Sage says:

    Good review of the #1 coaching management issue in competitive minor hockey!
    While I appreciate the idealism, this is a really tough thing to reform and then enforce. Where I coach (Canada, Peewee), there is a huge disparity in talent between ‘AAA’ teams and within such teams. Parents and players may choose ‘rolling the lines’ with a .500 record but don’t like losing 90% of their games (and clamor for coaches to ‘do something’)!!!
    I’ve found balance in designating special team units and playing my ‘less developed’ players (and even sitting my stars) more in games against weaker opponents – this is best for everyone’s confidence and development.
    Finding a meaningful, fair role for every member of the team is the sign of a good coach, IMO, and players are not equal / interchangeable! Even 12 y.o. players are astute enough to know who the ‘clutch’ players are – when I’ve asked them who we should put on in OT of a crucial game, their answers are always in synch with coach’s selections. Parents perspectives may differ 😉

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